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    Quick Overview

    Cache Improvements for Magento 2 extension will boost your store caching capabilities and website speed performance by not allowing to clean cache for products that are still in stock after checkout.
    Your store will be as fast as ever for all your customers.
    The feature is available to admin created orders too.
    Additionally we added top menu cache improvements that will boost your store's cache usage even more.
    Cache Improvements for Magento 2
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    Quick Overview

    Adds to default Magento address model another 5 fields required to make billing papers in Italy and the option to select between Natural Person (Privato/Persona Fisica) and Legal Entity (Azienda/Persona Giuridica).

    Fields visible added on frontend pages:
    - Customer Type: Natural Person (Privato) / Legal Entity (Azienda)
    - Fiscal Code (Codice Fiscale)
    - Partita IVA (for Magento uses the default Magento attribute vat_id.)
    - Use for billing
    - Use for shipping (by default set as hidden)
    The IT fields can be displayed for specific countries.
    Legal Entity / Natural Person Italian Addresses